Elementary Sunday School Teacher

Sis. Lisa Daniels
Elementary Sunday School Teacher, Bible Quizzing Coach,
Signs Of Praise Leader, & Church Event Coordinator

Sis. Lisa Daniels is a lifelong member of Calvary Lighthouse, and an plays a vital role in many of the church’s ministries. Whether its teaching the younger kids in Sunday School, practicing verse memorization with the Bible Quizzers, guiding the Signs of Praise sign team in a new song, or planning the church’s next social function, Sis. Lisa will be there with a focused attitude and a smile on her face.

When she is not serving the Lord’s church in her various ministries, you can find her worshipping the Lord during the Holy Ghost filled services at CLUPC, or even praying with the younger saints in the church. Calvary Lighthouse loves the dedication and love Sis. Lisa shows to our saints and the ministries in which she is involved!