The United Pentecostal Church of Bixby was founded 1968 by Rev. Marion Daniels and his wife Bonita in a rented storefront in the downtown area just north of what is currently Quick Trip. The building at 157th and Memorial was shared with Ford Motor Company and a dry cleaner. It was forty feet long and ten feet wide with one bathroom in the back of the sanctuary. Church services were held in this building for six months before the smell of car paint in the air conditioner and the occasional flood after a rain forced the church to seek a different location.

Old Church Sign 300x217 HistoryFor the next few years the Daniels family evangelized in several towns across northeastern Oklahoma until 1971. Rev. Daniels then started building a church in north Bixby off of 129th street. In the meantime, the shop he had built to operate his heating and air conditioning business out of became the temporary location of The Bixby United Pentecostal Church. . This shop converted church was to be the site of the Bixby Church for the next two years. Everything from revivals, to ladies auxiliary meetings, to fellowship meetings were hosted in this 30 x 30 building that sat about 40 people. Many times when these events were occurring, saints would stand out in the lawn with the doors open to hear the Word of the Lord. Sunday school classes had to be held in the Daniels trailer as there was no extra room in the shop.

Shop Church 300x285 History June 2nd, 1972, on Bro. Keith Daniels’ 12th birthday, the footing for the new church was dug. Bro. Mounts and his son from Altus laid the blocks on the church, while a group from Claremore, lead by Bro. C.A. Nelson, hung the rafters and worked on the floor. Bro. M.L. White and Bro. Leo Bibles also assisted in the building process along with Bro. Daniels, his father, and family. Sis. Daniels remembered that that was the same day they walked from Chouteau to Pryor and back for Sheaves for Christ. Bro. Keith remembered walking the twenty miles and then coming back to help work on the new church.

Building Old Church 300x147 HistoryGreen carpet, of the 1970’s, was laid and several antique, hand-designed, walnut pews from an Amish community in Coweta were purchased to furnish the new church. Finally in the beginning of 1974 the new church was opened.

In 1986 the church was remodeled. The green carpet was exchanged for a light pink and the pews were updated to a new red-veneer style. A baby grand piano was purchased and the finishing touches were added in May 1986.

Old Church Remodel 1985 300x190 HistoryAfter just six months of having service in the newly remodeled church, tragedy struck in the form of a flood. It had been raining for about one week and there was an announcement to evacuate the Bixby area because they were going to have to fully open the floodgates in the Keystone Dam before it busted. The church had only a couple of hours to prepare and so all that was done was to move the piano and organ to the platform before everyone had to leave the city.

The Arkansas River rose to a height it had never reached before and in a bend that circumferences east Bixby to Jenks jumped its normal course and headed straight for the church. The water swelled to three feet high in the church and stood for days. When they finally got to go back inside the freezer in the kitchen was floating in the water, the paneling had buckled, the veneer on the pews was ruined, and water had made it on the platform and seeped into the organ.

It took a while to clean the church back up but the tight-knit church family put their backs into it and was having service again in a short time. Between 1986 and the early 2000’s the church went through several more updates and renovations and was used until 2011.

New Picture 8 300x175 HistoryIn May 2011, the church was moved to the corner of 131st and Mingo and was renamed “Calvary Lighthouse” to incorporate the silo-turned-lighthouse in the front of the building. Services are held at 10am and 6pm every Sunday and 7:30pm on Wednesday nights.

New Picture 9 300x169 History